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Welcome to the business unit UTG - ULTRA THIN GLASS of Adenso,

your technology partner for innovative processing of flexible glass.

Our competencies in handling and processing flexible glasses by using R2R roll-to-roll-systems comes from a long-time business with flexible materials
and more than 300 successful projects for research and production,
by dealing with processes at atmosphere, inert environment (glovebox) and high-vacuum.


YouTube-icon-full_color_xyz.png - 1.68 kb     Adenso UTG Ultra Thin Glass / Dünnglas - R2R-Processing (loading and winding of flexible glass into an R2R processing equipment)

YouTube-icon-full_color_xyz.png - 1.68 kb     Adenso UTG challenges by handling Ultra Thin Glass / Dünnglas (contains typical damages of the flexglass)

UTG-WINDING SYSTEMS: FIRST and UNIQUE from Adenso - complex winding systems available as OEM components - for atmospheric as well as high vacuum environments.
The winding system will be costomized by Adenso to fit the demands for web run and processes.
Before delivery Adenso will set into operation the winding system and test it completely.

The advantages for our customers are mainly a low process risk and easy commissioning, because the winding system is already taken into operation by Adenso before delivery.

UTG-PROCESS MODUL - FPM330X-UTG: FIRST professional and industrial system in that size range for processing ultra thin glasses via R2R roll-to-roll-technique available as an standard product on the market!
Integration of ALL kinf of customer processes:
- Atmosphere: printing, (laser-)structuring, cleaning, annealing, ...
- Inert/glovebox: (plasma-)cleaning, structuring, ...
- Vacuum: activation, cleaning, thin film deposition, structuring, annealing, ...
SCALABLITY: Based on the MODULE CONCEPT you can be sure to fit all the futures need!

Discover the new possibilities to enter new business areas by using innovative Adenso solutions!

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Markteinführung innovativer Produkte


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