Solid knowledge of R2R technology is the basis. The "special something” is added by creativity, curiosity and vision.

 Adenso Innovation Team - short introduction

Core competencies - based on more than 300 successful projects:

- Flexible Materials:
   - thin metal foil 5...50µm > e.g. for filter and catalytic converters
   - thinnest plastic foils starts from 1µm > e.g. for electromechanic converters
   - ultra thin glasses approx. 25µm > e.g. for bendable displays

- Vacuum technology:
   - in combination with complex R2R roll-to-roll - systems for research and produktion
   - winding systems - customized and easy to integrate - available as OEM-components
   - cluster systems and substrate handling

- Automation:
   - test systems for all environments: atmosphere, inert/glovebox, high- and ultra-high vacuum HV/UHV
   - clean room applications
   - integration of robot systems

- Calculation and Simulation:
   - dimensioning
   - technical reports
   - simulation (Finite Element Method FEM)

Using Adenso technology means fasten your asset return!

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