Vacuum Technology


Many years of interdisciplinary know-how in the winding technology business, from research to production.


In the winding technology business, especially in combination with high vacuum environment, Adenso hold extensive experience.

This enable Adenso to react fast and professional and allow to work on new concepts and winding solutions for complex customer demands.

Adenso holds own winding solutions for UTG Ultra Thin Glass  - wich gives Adenso a unique position in that business field.


Winding Competence
R2R - Roll to Roll Vacuum development
 flexible glass  #UTG UTG ultra thin glass, approx. 25...75µm
 plastic foil  #WEB thinnes foils up to 1µm thickness
 metal foil  #STRIP thin foils: 5..50µm
Winding Options
   ILS  Interleaf-System
   FCS  Flex Carrier System
   RRU  Roll Resistor Unit
   RRV  Roll Resistor Valve

Your business:

  • flexible electronics
  • flexible solar cells
  • flexible touch screens
  • flexible light emitting devices
  • flexible battery technology
  • nano- & biotechnology
  • materials research
  • surface analysis
  • coating technologies
  • optics
  • sensor technologies
  • E - beam technologies